Major Acadicus Virtual Simulation Update

A major update is coming soon to Acadicus, including tons of new virtual simulation and training content!       

Non-VR Windows PC users can now interact within a growing number of education simulations, completing various tasks and interactions without the use of a VR headset. VR and non-VR users can be together simultaneously in multiplayer simulations.  

Content Previews

Stay tuned for more information and demos as these simulations are completed and added to the Acadicus Shared Library.  

Heart Block Visualization

Respiratory Therapy

Endotracheal Intubation

Nursing Scenarios

ECG Lead Placement

Human Muscle Anatomy

Wound Treatment

EMS / Paramedic Dynamic Cardiology

Neonatal Intensive Care

Multiple Casualty Incident

Manifold Gauge 

Veterinary Anatomy

Acadicus Pro Space subscribers can work with our expansive Shared Content Library of Assets, Characters, and Environments to create their own simulations, host their own Multiplayer simulations, create their own 3D recorded demonstrations, or sponsor the development of custom content specifically tailored to their objectives.

Feature Updates

Non-VR Updates

Since the onset of COVID-19, interest in Non-VR interactivity has increased substantially. Based on this feedback, we have pivoted from an exclusive VR focus toward increased Non-VR compatibility. A variety of interactions can be completed by participants using Acadicus in Non-VR mode, enabling remote participation from learners and faculty that don’t have access to VR headsets.  

360 Screenshot Capture

360 screenshots can now be captured in both VR and Non-VR mode. This enables Acadicus to be used to stage various simulation activities that can be utilized in software like H5P to create browser-based training scenarios. The 360 screenshot taker can be detached from the user, then triggered at any time from the menu.  

Avatar Update

This update includes a new avatar system, no longer using Oculus avatars, which set the stage for expanded compatibility to additional headsets, along with a variety of customizations and improvements going into the future.  

Info / Demo Request

Do you have access to an Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S or Oculus-ready PC+Quest via Link cable?

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Additional Information and Resources


Acadicus comes with a library of characters that can be used to stage a wide variety of simulation scenarios that can be manipulated with Sim Manager.

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Assets are the 3D models of equipment and patients that are added to a Simulation Environment using the Scene Editing Tools.

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Within the environment, characters, equipment and other assets can be added to the scene depending on the scenario.

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3D Recording Tool

The 3D Recording Tool allows instructors to capture and share their demonstrations and lectures. 3D recordings can be played back anytime, from anywhere.

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Scene Editing Tools

Simulations can be easily customized and updated over time using the advanced scene editing tools and downloaable content packs.

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Acadicus Multiplayer enables participants to join a simulation from any location. They can join in VR Mode or non-VR Mode.

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Simulation Manager

The Acadicus Simulation Manager enables instructors and standardized patient actors to become the patient, manipulating animations, vital signs, and more.

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Anatomy Assets

These anatomy assets and more are available in Acadicus and can be used to create virtual education experiences.

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Airway Assets

This is a preview of a new batch of airway and anesthesia assets and interactivity currently in development. Available to Acadicus Pro Space subscribers.

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ECG Lead Placement

We’ve expanded the functionality of our interactive asset class, and shared a preliminary demo of a 12 lead ECG lead placement simulation that features this capability.

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