Capabilities and Features

Learn more about Acadicus’ features, including Multiplayer, Simulation Manager, 3D Recording and Scene Editing.

VR and Non-VR Mode

Enter Simulations in either a PC-enabled VR headset or in Non-VR mode on a Windows PC.  Learn more about Acadicus’ hardware requirements here: (link)

live remote virtual standardized patient for virtual simulation
virtual neonatal simulation

Multiplayer or Solo

Bring multiple participants together in a virtual simulation, regardless of their physical location. Participants in a simulation can see and hear each other, pick things up, pass things around, and interact with the scene. 

Private rooms can also be switched to ‘Solo Mode’ where each guest entering the room is in their own instance and cannot see or hear other users (or interrupt 3D recordings they’re watching, etc.). 

3D Recording

Capture 3D holographic recordings of instructor lectures or demonstrations.  Recordings can be played back anytime, from anywhere, and viewed from any angle. They can be viewed as many times as needed, and learners can follow along with the recording.

Simulation Manager

This dashboard enables instructors and facilitators to trigger patient animations, change vital signs, and other scene variables.

Scene Editing

Create and rearrange content in simulations using the Scene Editing tools.  Download new content packs, add, delete or duplicate assets (patients, equipment, etc.), and Save as many configurations as needed.

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