Capabilities and Features

Dive deeper into the capabilities of Acadicus and discover how our features can enhance your clinical education. From multiplayer functionality for collaborative training, to the Simulation Manager for customizing and controlling scenarios, to the ability to capture 3D recordings and edit scenes to tailor the training experience, our platform offers a comprehensive range of tools to support your virtual simulation needs.

VR, Non-VR Viewer, or Screen Share

Experience the immersive power of virtual simulation with Acadicus, whether it be through a PC-enabled VR headset, Non-VR viewer mode on a Windows PC, Screen share to Zoom, or projected to a classroom. Our platform allows for flexibility in how you choose to enter simulations, making it accessible to a wide range of users. To ensure optimal performance and compatibility, please review our hardware requirements by visiting this link.

live remote virtual standardized patient for virtual simulation
virtual neonatal simulation

Multiplayer or Solo

Enhance collaboration and teamwork through the power of multiplayer simulations in Acadicus. Our platform allows multiple participants to come together in a virtual environment, regardless of their physical location. Each participant can see and hear each other, interact with the scene and objects, and engage in realistic, hands-on training.

For more personalized or independent learning, you can switch to ‘Solo Mode’ where each guest entering the room is in their own instance, and cannot see or hear other users, ensuring privacy and undisturbed learning or recording experience.

3D Recording

Easily capture and preserve valuable instruction and demonstrations with the 3D holographic recording feature in Acadicus. These recordings can be played back at any time, from any location, and viewed from any angle. This allows learners to replay the recordings as many times as needed and follow along, ensuring a deeper understanding and retention of the material. This feature is a powerful tool for remote or blended learning, and can be used to create a library of recorded lectures or demonstrations for future reference.

Simulation Manager

This dashboard enables instructors and facilitators to trigger patient animations, change vital signs, and other scene variables.

Scene Editing

Acadicus allows you to customize more than just presets.  Simulations are fully customizable, allowing you to edit existing templates or build your own from scratch.  Quickly download new content packs, add, delete, or duplicate assets such as patients and equipment, and save multiple Scenes into your Lab for future use.

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