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VR Medical Simulation

Realistic Clinical Experience at a Fraction of the Cost.


Build an entire lab for VR nursing and medical simulation for less than the price of one manikin.

  Expansive Content Library

  Fully Customizable

  Massive Cost Savings

  Both VR or Non-VR (Screen-Based)

  Self-Guided or Multiple Participants

Fully Customizable

Get started with prebuilt templates, or create and customize your own scenarios.

  Completely edit scenes, down to the power outlets
  Simulation Manager dashboard for configuring variables in your simulations.

Massive Content Library

  Templates to Get Started With

  Realistic Patients

  Interactive Equipment

  Accurate ‘Digital Twins’ of Healthcare Environments

  Configurable Sound Effects and Ambient Audio

Community of Practice

Join our quarterly community meetings, where we showcase new content, customer highlights, and share emerging best practices in virtual simulation.

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Dr. Ryan McAdams

UW School of Medicine

Redefining Neonatal Education and Training

Madison College XR Center

Madison College XR Center

An Inside Look at a Cutting-Edge Facility

Nursing Education

Open RN Nursing Simulation

On a Mission to Help Address the Critical Shortage of Nurses

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☑  No per-student or per-scenario pricing

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