Virtual Simulation Center

Acadicus provides an expansive library of ready-to-use virtual simulation content for training and education.  Visit the Acadicus Commons (free) to explore public demo scenes, or create your own virtual sim center with an Acadicus Pro subscription.

Shared Content Library

On our mission to massively increase access to simulation, we’ve implemented a shared content philosophy with a powerful network effect.  Begin working with our rapidly growing inventory today, or develop custom content at a substantial discount. 

Virtual Nursing Simulation

A library of virtual nursing simulations, scenarios, environments, characters and equipment are being developed. Access demo simulations for free in Acadicus.

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EMS Content

This virtual medical simulation content pack aligns with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training and education activities.

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ECG Content

This content pack contains everything needed to conduct ECG lead placement training through virtual simulation. Accessible in VR or non-VR.

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Human Muscular System

The human muscular visualization pack is now available for use in Acadicus, in VR or non-VR, for live or recorded lessons.

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Heart Block Visualization

The Heart Block virtual visualization asset includes an interactive 3D model with 4 different blocks, selected from an interactive interface.

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Within the environment, characters, equipment and other assets can be added to the scene depending on the scenario.

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Human Anatomy

These 3D virtual anatomy assets and more are available in Acadicus and can be used to create immersive virtual healthcare education experiences.

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Veterinary Anatomy

The Veterinary Anatomy asset pack contains canine, feline and equine (dog, cat and horse) anatomy for virtual remote education.

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Meet Miles Johnson

Miles Johnson is a virtual patient that can be used in various medical simulations, including respiratory therapy, acls, nursing and more.

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Additional Information

Acadicus Pro

Acadicus Pro Space is a cloud hosted environment containing your simulation scenarios, where you can invite students to participate in live simulations or capture 3D recordings of instructor demonstrations.

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Simulation Setup Guide

Acadicus provides lots of options for using virtual simulation. This post will cover step-by-step instructions for common use cases.

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