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Create VR training scenarios and capture instructional content without writing a single line of code.  Acadicus includes everything needed to create and record demonstrations, simulations, presentations, and multi-user events.   

Features of Acadicus


Acadicus comes with a library of environments that can be used to create simulations, including the following.   More environments will be made available over time.  Send us a request for an environment (here).

Operating room with surgical table for vr training with oculus rift VR sim lab operating table with medical equipment  ambulance side view for paramedic training in virtual reality VR safety training ambulance environment in asset library with multi-user learning Library of environments and simulations for VR medical training with Oculus Rift Environments in VR for medical training

Equipment and Devices

An inventory of hundreds of different pieces of equipment and devices come with Acadicus.  More content packs of assets will be made available for download over time.

Inventory of medical VR sim lab devices and equipment healthcare VR training devices and equipment asset inventory for medical and VR healthcare training with multi-user avatars VR medical sim lab inventory with mannequin and virtual medical equipment for virtual reality training Sterile pack for healthcare training in VR

3D Recording Feature

The 3D recording feature enables instructors and subject matter experts to easily capture immersive 3D recordings of their demonstrations and instruction.  The 3D recording captures all of their hand and head motions, voice communications, and the movements of everything they interact with.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive medical and healthcare training 3D recording in VR instructor SME multiplayer oculus rift VR training for medical students VR sim lab subject matter expert SME recording Multi-user avatar based medical VR simulation for training and collaboration


Multiple users can access Simulations simultaneously, communicating with voice and interacting with assets in realtime using Acadicus Viewer.  Multiple admin users can also work together to create Simulations.

VR medical sim lab student training and learning simulation Medical student multiplayer Oculus Rift med sim training Multiplayer VR learning in operating room Operating room sim lab VR training for medical   Sim Lab in VR moulage wound training

Additional Information

Jon Brouchoud and Eric Bauman win Best in Show for VR medical training application

Award Winning VR Training and Simulation

We were honored to win the Best in Show award at the annual International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare in 2018 in partnership with Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE), a leading global education provider, for our Virtual Reality Airway Learning Lab, a program that uses cutting edge virtual reality technology in clinical education.

GE Healthcare VR equipment sales and marketingUniversity of Wisconsin Madison sim lab VR partnershipAdtalem Global Education VR development client Envision Experience exposes students to medical and healthcare through VR experiencesMedical equipment visualization with Design Concepts Erdman medical architectural environment Oculus Rift application

Custom VR Development

We create custom VR applications based on your specifications.  Tell us more about your VR training and simulation needs, and we’ll provide a free estimate and timeline of what it would take to create your custom application.  You can optionally choose to sell your application in our Acadicus Library to earn cash or development credit toward future custom applications.

Student in a virtual reality operating room performing a procedure

Examples of Custom Applications

VR medical training with students in classroom interacting with medical equipment

A Faster, Cheaper Way to Create VR Training

As new research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of VR training and more people have an opportunity to try it, there’s steadily increasing demand for quality VR training and simulation content.   

However, a significant lack of quality VR training content has become a bottleneck, due to the complexity, expense and time required to develop it.  Training and best practices vary widely, and change over time, but most content available today presents only one method or technique. Customizing and keeping these apps updated is also costly, complex and time consuming.  

We created Acadicus with the goal of simplifying the process of accessing and creating VR training experiences at a fraction of the cost.  We provide a library of scenes, equipment, people that can be used to quickly create a scene, plus the ability to capture 3D recordings of demonstrations and training by instructors and subject matter experts.  Acadicus also includes optional multi-user option allowing several people to be together in VR.

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