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Acadicus is a virtual simulation platform that combines an expansive library of characters, equipment and environments with powerful no-code tools for creating and customizing live or 3D recorded learning experiences.  


Acadicus comes with the virtual equivalent of millions of dollars worth of shared content, along with powerful no-code tools for creating and customizing live or pre-recorded 3D recorded learning experiences.  


Acadicus comes with a library of characters that can be used to stage a wide variety of simulation scenarios that can be manipulated with Sim Manager.

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Assets are the 3D models of equipment and patients that are added to a Simulation Environment using the Scene Editing Tools.

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Within the environment, characters, equipment and other assets can be added to the scene depending on the scenario.

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Anatomy Assets

These anatomy assets and more are available in Acadicus and can be used to create virtual education experiences.

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Airway Assets

This is a preview of a new batch of airway and anesthesia assets and interactivity currently in development. Available to Acadicus Pro Space subscribers.

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ECG Lead Placement

We’ve expanded the functionality of our interactive asset class, and shared a preliminary demo of a 12 lead ECG lead placement simulation that features this capability.

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3D Recording Tool

The 3D Recording Tool allows instructors to capture and share their demonstrations and lectures. 3D recordings can be played back anytime, from anywhere.

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Scene Editing Tools

Simulations can be easily customized and updated over time using the advanced scene editing tools and downloaable content packs.

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Acadicus Multiplayer enables participants to join a simulation from any location. They can join in VR Mode or non-VR Mode.

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Simulation Manager

The Acadicus Simulation Manager enables instructors and standardized patient actors to become the patient, manipulating animations, vital signs, and more.

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Additional Information

Acadicus Pro Space

Acadicus Pro Space is a cloud hosted environment containing your simulation scenarios, where you can invite students to participate in live simulations or capture 3D recordings of instructor demonstrations.

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Simulation Setup Guide

Acadicus provides lots of options for using virtual simulation. This post will cover step-by-step instructions for common use cases.

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About Arch Virtual

Acadicus was created by Arch Virtual, a VR and AR developer with more than 7 years of experience developing education and enterprise applications.

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Custom Development Process

Creating a virtual simulation with Acadicus is fast, easy and lowest cost option if you wish to customize your scenarios. This article describes the basics of our process, and the steps you can take to begin creating your own virtual simulations.

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If you have any questions, or need some help, please contact us via the button below. Here are some frequently asked questions:

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Testimonials from a variety of users of Acadicus for virtual simulation, from medical, healthcare, safety, department of defense and more.

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Industry News and Resources

Mind Mapping and Spreadsheets in VR

3D virtual environments can aid in the visualization of data in a way that could introduce insights and new perspectives that are not as easily gained through 2D representations alone.

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The SimGeeks Podcast

The SimGeeks Podcast, with William Belk and David Shablak, provides a steady stream of solid commentary on insights delivered in a way that’s fun and engaging to listen to. 

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Oculus Quest 2(updated)

It has been confirmed by reliable sources that the upcoming Oculus Quest 2 will have an all-new system for adjusting the lenses that will make the process far simpler.

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