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Tons of simulation content, plus powerful tools for running virtual simulations.

Get started for free and explore the Acadicus Commons, or set up your own Lab.

A World of Content

Acadicus comes with an expansive and rapidly growing Shared Content Library of interactive patients, equipment, environments, and Scene Templates.

All content is developed in partnership with sponsoring organizations at a substantial discount, in exchange for the content being added to the Shared Content Library.  Learn more about our custom development process here.

Heart failure patient openRN nursing simulation

Powerful Capabilities

  • VR or Non-VR Mode
  • Multiplayer or Solo Mode
  • Simulation Manager
  • 3D Recording
  • Scene Editing

Schedule a Demo

This video shows how you can access Acadicus, the content available to work with there, and the features you can use to facilitate and create your own simulations.  It also introduces research and use cases established by our growing community of customers working together to take simulation to a whole new level.  If you would like to schedule a demo or learn more, please contact us.

Community of Practice

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Acadicus Simulation Pulse

Simulation Pulse Video Series

Keep your finger on the pulse of virtual simulation with educator interviews, featured content, and best practices.

Apply to Be a Patient Actor

Bring patients and family members to life by becoming their voice and manipulating their animations during live simulations.  Participant actors can join simulations from any location with a compatible windows PC in Non-VR mode (no special VR hardware is required).

OpenRN Heart Failure Virtual Nursing Simulation
Acadicus Simulation Pulse

Private Labs

Private Labs in Acadicus can be used to host multiplayer simulations, capture 3D Recordings, or create and edit simulations with full access to the Shared Content Library.

A Lab can be transformed into a wide variety of learning environments by loading various Scene Templates.

Labs support one concurrent simulation and is $10,000 per year, per Lab, with no additional cost per use or per user.