Download and Get Started

The instructions below will help get you started, and provide access to free public scenes available in the Acadicus Commons.  If you have a private Lab passcode, or have been granted access to one, you can enter the passcode on the launch screen.

Before installing Acadicus, be sure you meet the technical specifications:

Install and Explore


If you have a compatible PC VR headset or windows PC (more info), you can download Acadicus by entering your email address in the field below. Install and open the application.


  • Enter in VR or Non-VR Mode
  • Enter as a Guest – no account registration required
  • Enter the Acadicus Commons (free), or  enter a passcode to a Private Lab.


  • Teleporting: In VR, point your controller at the ground nearby, then press and hold ‘up’ on the joystick. Wherever you’re pointing when you let go is where you teleport to. Joystick left/right rotates your position. In Non-VR mode, use arrow keys and drag while right-clicking to turn.
  • Grab: In VR, use the ‘grab’ trigger on the handle of the controller.  In Non-VR, left click.
  • Action: In VR use the ‘action’ trigger on the front of the controller.  In Non-VR, left click.

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