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Everything you need to know to get started with virtual simulation.

Foley catheter placement VR simulation


Self-guided and facilitated simulations, configurable patients, environments, and more.

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Carly Brady


Run, customize, and create your simulations with Simulation Manager, Scene Editor, 3D Recordings, and Utilities.

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Debriefing in VR simulation


Acadicus Assist can help run your virtual simulations, create custom scenarios, or connect you with remote patient actors and qualified instructors.

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Demo Overview Video

Everything you need to know about Acadicus.

In this video, we describe everything you need to know about the content, tools, and simulations included with Acadicus, and how you can get started today.


Open RN

On a Mission to Help Address the Critical Shortage of Nurses

Learn how a community of nursing schools are working together to create a library of shared resources.


Madison College XR Center

An inside look at a cutting-edge facility.

“Having the XR Center has allowed us to bring VR into the classroom … If we wanted VR to take off, we needed to have a dedicated space… to make it the best experience it could possibly be … As the word gets out, and we’re able to show efficacy with what we’re doing with VR, it’s going to put Madison College ahead of even 4 year research universities.”

Carly Brady
Manager – Academic Technology, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning Madison Area Technical College


Redefining Neonatal Education and Training

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
McAdams Research Group

Learn how McAdams Research Group at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is working with Acadicus to transcend traditional boundaries in neonatal education with virtual reality (VR) simulation.


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Community of Practice

Acadicus is a network of simulation innovators, working together to define a whole new frontier.

Join our live community events to see simulations, featured content, or hear from guests sharing insights about their experience building and running virtual simulations.


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