3D Recording Tool

This feature allows instructors to capture and share their demonstrations and lectures. Recordings can be played back anytime, from anywhere, and viewed from any angle. They can be viewed as many times as needed, and learners can follow along with the recording. 

Feature Overview

3D recordings have a variety of uses, from capturing demonstrations to recording simulations for debriefing. 3D recordings can open scenes, begin playback of other recordings, and capture everything said and done in the scene while recording.    

Asynchronous Learning

Instructors can capture a 3D recording of their demonstration or lecture, enabling learners to watch the playback anytime, anywhere. This enables highly efficient use of in-person time in the classroom, where learners have already engaged in virtual, recorded pre-sim training. 

post-intubation desaturation in a pediatric patient

Instructor Demonstrations

Instructors can prepare a scene, then begin capturing a recording with one click. Acadicus begins recording everything they’re saying and doing.  When the recording is finished, they press ‘Stop’ and create a playback button (we call them Holocrons) that enables learners to replay the recording at any time.  

Immersive Debriefing

3D recordings can be used to capture simulations. Upon playback, students are able to see their own performance, and instructors can provide feedback and pause the playback at any time to discuss ways they can improve. Instructors can even capture their feedback as a recording, layered into the simulation recording so students can view their feedback asynchronously.   

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