Acadicus Multi-User feature enables participants to join a simulation from any location. They can join in VR Mode with Oculus Rift (or PC-enabled Oculus Quest or in Non-VR Windows PC Mode). Users can see and hear each other, and use their hands or laser pointer to interact with the scene.  

Live Simulations

An Acadicus Pro Space can be configured as solo mode or multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, users can see and hear each other.  Admins have controls to invite, mute, and boot users.

Remote Access

Users can join from any location and interact with virtual equipment and patients. This is particularly important for rural and remote locations, enabling distant users to connect with expert instructors from anywhere.  

Multiple Access Modes

Acadicus simulations can be accessed in VR mode with Oculus Rift (or PC-enabled Oculus Quest), or in non-VR windows PC mode. Instructors can also live stream simulations to Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Communication Skills

Users get the chance to practice communication skills with patients and other professionals during live simulations. 

Acadicus Info / Demo Request

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Additional Simulation Content and Features

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