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Facilitate, customize, and create simulations with a powerful set of tools.

Simulation Manager

Simulation Manager

A dashboard of controls for staging your simulations.

This dashboard allows facilitators to preset or control scene variables in real-time, such as vital signs, patient animations, and more.

All of our new Gen2 patients include Simulation Manager options for changing patient vital signs, animations, apparel, circulatory & respiratory system, digestion and abdomen, skin and subcutaneous tissue, nervous and musculoskeletal systems, and cognitive function.

Scene Editing

Scene Editing

Customize or create your simulation.

Acadicus Scene Editing tools gives you full control over your simulations. You can add new content, and move or delete objects in your scene.

You can work with and customize existing templates or build your own scenarios from scratch.

3D recording

3D Recording

Capture immersive demonstrations.

Capture and preserve instruction and demonstrations as 3D immersive recordings.

These holographic recordings offer the unique ability to be played back anytime, anywhere, and viewed from any perspective, providing learners with the flexibility to revisit and absorb the material at their own pace. This ensures enhanced understanding and retention.



Gadgets to help with simulation productivity.

Acadicus comes with a variety of utilities that help create and facilitate simulations.  For example, our Acadicam feature allows you to present a view from a fixed position, making it easier to facilitate, and for other students to observe. The Medication Maker allows you to create a variety of medications in varying dosages, and the URL builder allows you to automate how Acadicus launches, to help save technician time preparing to run a simulation.

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