Custom Development Process

Creating a virtual simulation with Acadicus is fast, easy, and the lowest cost option if you wish to customize your scenarios.

This article describes the basics of our process and the steps you can take to begin creating your own virtual simulations.

Development Process Overview

By working with Acadicus, you get full control over the design of your simulation, along with the tools needed to customize and refine it over time.

Step 1: Simulation Plan

Estimated Time: 1 Week –  First, we need information about the case or scenario you wish to create. You can use our Simulation Plan template, or share it in your own existing format. This will describe the environment, patients, equipment, and other reference information we can use to create your simulation.  

Step 2: Estimate and Quote

Estimated Time: 1 Week – Based on the Simulation Plan, we develop a cost estimate. We offer an 80% discount in exchange for any content we create to be added to the shared Acadicus Content Library. Similarly, content created by other programs is available to be used in your simulations.   

Step 3: Development

Estimated Time: 4-6 Weeks – Upon approval of the Quote and subsequent invoice, we begin the development of the assets and interactivity required to support your project. This phase is led by an experienced Project Manager, and you are able to review our progress at each stage of development.  

After your simulation is created, you can easily use the Scene Editing Tools and Shared Content Library to customize and expand your simulation. We can train your technicians to make use of the full suite of tools available with your Acadicus Pro Space subscription. 

If this process would be a good fit for your virtual simulation initiatives, please complete the form below to schedule a demo and get started!

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Additional Virtual Simulation Content

Virtual Nursing Simulation

A library of virtual nursing simulations, scenarios, environments, characters and equipment are being developed. Access demo simulations for free in Acadicus.

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EMS Content

This virtual medical simulation content pack aligns with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training and education activities.

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ECG Content

This content pack contains everything needed to conduct ECG lead placement training through virtual simulation. Accessible in VR or non-VR.

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Human Muscular System

The human muscular visualization pack is now available for use in Acadicus, in VR or non-VR, for live or recorded lessons.

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Heart Block Visualization

The Heart Block virtual visualization asset includes an interactive 3D model with 4 different blocks, selected from an interactive interface.

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Acadicus comes with a library of characters that can be used to stage a wide variety of simulation scenarios that can be manipulated with Sim Manager.

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Within the environment, characters, equipment and other assets can be added to the scene depending on the scenario.

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3D Recording Tool

The 3D Recording Tool allows instructors to capture and share their demonstrations and lectures. 3D recordings can be played back anytime, from anywhere.

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Scene Editing Tools

Simulations can be easily customized and updated over time using the advanced scene editing tools and downloaable content packs.

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