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June 2020

Updated Simulation Manager Dashboard

The Simulation Manager dashboard now offers more advanced control over the scenario in progress. It enables instructors, technicians, or standardized participants to virtually embody the patient, their animations, vital signs, and other variables to create a life-like learning experience.

Non-VR PC Mode Upgrades

Acadicus’ Non-VR mode has been updated, and additional improvements will be made in our next update. Soon, users will be able to interact with simulation content without wearing a VR headset.  

No VR headset? No problem!

New Patients and Characters

Patients that are elderly, pediatric, premature, or obese are now ready and available to be used in simulations, along with others.

These patients and scene participants can be integrated with the Simulation Manager to trigger animations, change vital signs, and more.

Mock Code: Status Asthmaticus 

Dr. Nick Slamon has continued conducting live remote mock codes, attended by medical residents, fellows, and participants joining from various hospitals and medical schools. To request an invite to his next mock code, please send an email to info@acadicus.com. 

More Human Anatomy Assets

A variety of new human anatomy assets have been added, and are now on display in the Human Anatomy room! This can be accessed from the Acadicus Commons.

Create immersive lessons, or support your simulation scenarios with 3D didactic elements.  

Updated Emergency Scene

This scene has been staged with a work-in-progress emergency scene where a worker has fallen from a scaffolding and is found unresponsive.  Check out our new EMS and paramedic gear, with a lot more coming in the weeks ahead.  

Updated Exam Room Scene

We are currently developing and gradually releasing a complete suite of interactive exam room equipment, devices and interactive patients.  Create your own configuration, or work with one of our scene templates. 

New Dental Scene

Create dental training with the new dental clinic environment.  This content pack includes an anatomy model of the mouth including the tongue and teeth which can be used as a visualization tool during demonstrations.   

Welcome, Templetons!

We are honored to welcome Drs. Nina and Tom Templeton to the Acadicus team as investors and medical advisors.  

“Back in the day, what Jon, Kandy, and the Acadicus team are accomplishing would have been science fiction, but it is now real and should be even more important in the post-COVID-19 era. Since retirement, we have tried to give back in various ways and are humbled and honored to be asked to serve on the medical advisory board.”

For more information or to schedule a demo:

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