Virtual Medical Simulation: Cardiac Arrest After a Fall

In this virtual mock code, Acadicus was used by Dr. Nick Slamon and critical care fellows, who called in from remote locations using Zoom video conferencing.  Remote participants played an active role in a simulated medical scenario involving a 17-year-old patient who fell off of a roof.  The live simulation was followed by a debriefing.

Simulation Setup

Oculus Rift was used by Dr. Slamon to enact the virtual code live, while participants joined with phones, iPads and laptops, each from a different location.  A simulation technician manipulated a simulation manager dashboard controlling patient animations, skin color, vital signs, and pre-animated assistants.  

The code leader communicated with team members on when to begin and stop CPR, administer medications, bag-mask ventilate, order lab and x-ray results, and more.  

Acadicus provides the flexibility to simulate any scenario, placing a live instructor and/or standardized patients at the center of the action – with or without VR hardware.    

Zoom was used in this case, but any video conferencing software like WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Google Meet, and others could also be used.

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Dr. Nick Slamon

Dr. Slamon completed medical school in 2001 at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia PA. He then completed a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at the Nemours/duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington Delaware. In addition he serves an Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Clinical track at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. From 2007 until June 2011 Dr. Slamon worked at the University of Florida as an attending in the 24 bed mixed cardiac and pediatric intensive care unit. He also served as the fellowship program director for his final two years in Gainesville, overseeing 2 fellows per class. He then returned to duPont in July of 2011 serving as the fellowship director and overseeing the expansion from a one fellow per year program to the current 3 fellow per year, 9 fellow program.

Dr. Slamon is an active member of SCCM and the AAP. His research interests are varied but include a strong track record of education and partnership with fellows and junior faculty. Analysis of innovative ways to deliver care are of particular interest. Recent projects include a study of physician biometric parameters using wearables during live critical care activities, a similar biometric project in simulation, use of a digital stethoscope to diagnose pediatric murmurs remotely, review of rapid response activations using telemedicine technology, parameters needed to create a viable pediatric eICU, and he is currently working with a new device to help diagnose pediatric heart failure using an artificial intelligence analysis of ECG/Phonocardiograms. His most recent undertaking involves his partnership with Acadicus to improve immersive medical training through the use of virtual reality simulation.

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