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The Future of Virtual Simulation: Eye Tracking

Video recording of a talk given by Douglas Lanman (director of Display Systems Research at Facebook Reality Labs) in January 2020 was recently posted. In it, he talks about what ideas, and the challenges that come with those ideas, are currently being grappled with in the development of VR visuals. He believes that they need eye tracked, varifocal, oculus games. Having everything in focus all the time may seem great, but it is a gap with reality, and when something goes out of focus, everything does.

He believes that eye tracking is going to be very important for future advances, to allow for immersive experiences. Here at Acadicus, this would benefit us by allowing participants to feel like they are truly in the room, and be able to get in close for high-resolution visuals of equipment and patients. As an example, with current VR headsets, it is often very difficult to read small text near your eyes. With electronic varifocal, that will no longer be a problem, and it keeps the headset small and ergonomic. 

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