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Steam’s VR Surge After Half-Life: Alyx Retains Its Growth

The surprising news isn’t that Steam had a surge in connected VR headsets after Half Life: Alyx’s release, but rather that Steam has retained almost all of that growth. Each month Steam takes note of the statistics of its userbase, including the use of VR headsets. Interestingly, the number of Steam users with VR headsets is actually now slightly higher than it was immediately after the initial Half Life: Alyx surge.

This is exciting for us here at Acadicus, even though we are in an entirely different market than this title. The virtual medical simulation market is separate from the gaming and entertainment market, but this news means that virtual reality is achieving sustained interest. The development of virtual medical simulation relies on game development engines, and many of our developers come from a background in game development. A healthy VR ecosystem would be of great benefit to the growth and long-term potential of virtual simulation.


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