VR Medical Imaging and Treatment Experience

A Custom VR Medical Simulation by Arch Virtual for Ryerson University

This VR Medical Imaging and Treatment Experience for Ryerson University allows students to visualize, interact with, and learn more about a variety of medical devices.  

Prof. Jahangir (Jahan) Tavakkoli, a Medical Physics Professor at Ryerson University, approached Arch Virtual wishing to utilize virtual reality (VR) in his BME229-Biomedical Physics, a second-year Biomedical Engineering course.  The resulting application enables students to visualize and interact with several medical imaging and therapy devices. 


Students are able to conduct various imaging and treatment scenarios, along with a movie or series of images with voice narration describing the methods and results of each imaging/treatment procedure.  

Device Selection Menu

Learners in the experience press a button on the Oculus controller to open an interactive menu.  

Didactic Supplement

In each medical imaging virtual simulation, learners can play various presentations and videos supporting the interactive experience.

Imaging and Treatments

Learners can visualize a variety of treatments and imaging scenarios, viewing it from any angle and replaying as many times as needed.

Easy Navigation

Learners can quickly and easily move anywhere in the scene, and rotate their position as needed.

Interactive Animations

Each scenario includes animations simulating patient movement and positioning within the device.  

Faculty Guide

Each application Arch Virtual develops includes a comprehensive Faculty or Facilitator Guide, making it fast and easy to get started.

This application was custom developed by the same team at Arch Virtual responsible for developing Acadicus, but did not use the platform for this application.  After reviewing Ryerson’s objectives, and goals of using the application without an internet connection, it was determined that an offline, solo learning experience was best suited for the first version.  

Contributors / Collaborators

Dr. Jahangir (Jahan) Tavakkoli

Assistant Chair and Undergraduate Program Director, Medical Physics, and Professor at Ryerson University

Research Group / Lab: Advanced Biomedical Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy (ABUITL)  

Graham Ferrier

Technical Officer at Ryerson University, and Multidisciplinary Scientist

Ryerson University: Department of Physics

Our faculty is known for expertise in researching the intersection of physics and medicine. We’re also expanding the use of physics tools to solve problems within interconnected, complex systems across a broad range of sectors.

Ryerson University:  Biomedical Engineering Dept.


Arch Virtual

Arch Virtual, creators of Acadicus, is a development studio focused on practical applications of virtual technologies for education and enterprise.

Acadicus Info / Demo Request

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