Fall Safety VR Training Demonstration by Tim Azbill, LJB Inc.

In this free VR training scenario, Tim Azbill, Director of LJB University, provides a VR presentation covering fall protection on a rooftop scene in Acadicus. 

VR Training Overview

Experience an immersive VR training demonstration of LJB Inc’s approach to fall protection.  A worker has been assigned to service a security camera on the edge of a roof near an unprotected edge.  Your job is to keep him safe! 

Walk with Tim around this rooftop scene in virtual reality as he discusses options for protecting Paul.  Which anchor points would not be appropriate, and why?  What would be a suitable anchor point for Paul, and why? 

Rooftop safety training scene in Acadicus.

Tim Azbill, Director of LJB University, discusses selecting an anchor point.

Pointing out various options and considerations for fall safety.

About the Instructor

Tim Azbill

Tim Azbill

Director, LJB University

Director, LJB University. 

LJB Inc.

LJB Inc.

Founded in 1966, LJB Inc. is an employee-owned consulting firm that provides civil and structural engineering, as well as geospatial, safety, health and environmental services. Our diverse expertise, client base and geographies have enabled LJB to serve clients in all 50 U.S. states and several countries. LJB’s skilled staff holds professional engineering licenses in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., as well as several U.S. territories and Canadian provinces.

Email: info@LJBinc.com, Phone: (866) 552-3536

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