Virtual Standardized Patients (Live, Remote)

Acadicus enables learners to engage in live, life-like multi-user clinical simulations with patients voiced and operated by remote standardized patients. They become the patient, using the Simulation Manager (info) to manipulate patient animations and follow the simulation script. 

How it Works

Hiring Standardized Patient’s for Your Simulations

Organizations using Acadicus Pro Space to conduct live simulations can engage with virtual Standardized Patients to assist with learner engagement.  They can book time with live, remote SP’s to coach them on their objectives, provide a simulation script, and conduct rehearsals. 

SP’s become the voice of the patient, and use the ‘Simulation Manager’ to manipulate patient animations and other scene variables.    

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Apply to Become a Standardized Patient

Virtual Standardized Patients can work from any location, and are hired on an as-needed, hourly basis.  To qualify for training as a Standardized Patient operator for live simulations in our current phase 1 implementation, candidates must:  
  • be able to operate as an independent contractor in the U.S. or Canada
  • own a compatible windows PC with headphones with a mic (info)
  • identify which patient characters they would like to be considered as
  • provide any additional qualifications, such as experience with or studies in medical related fields, possession of Oculus Rift VR hardware (not required), experience with virtual simulation, etc.    
Hourly rates are determined based on experience, availability, and skill in operating virtual standardized patients in Acadicus. 

Do you have a Windows PC with headphones and microphone?

Are you able to operate as an independent contractor in the U.S. or Canada?

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Additional Simulation Content and Features

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