8 Benefits of VR Training

Posted by Jon Brouchoud, CEO at Arch Virtual, developers of Acadicus

The continued adoption of VR is unsurprising, as it has many uses. These include skills training, role-playing, gaining simulated clinical experience, and more.  The benefits of VR training are many, but here are 8 of the most common: 

Expanded Access

Not everyone has access to hands-on instruction and expert training. Virtual simulation changes the game by expanding access through increasingly affordable headsets and training platforms.

Save Time and Money

Not everyone has access to the ideal equipment and environments suited to their learning needs. VR training can provide the virtual equivalent for far cheaper. It can also save instructor and technician time by allowing learners to access pre-recorded immersive training asynchronously.

Remote Learning

VR training and simulation takes rural or remote learning to a whole new level.  Learners can stand face-to-face virtually with instructors, from wherever in the world they happen to be.  

Pre-Sim Training

This allows students to make very efficient use of their time in the lab by first rehearsing multiple times in VR.  

Better Retention

Research indicates greater learning retention from VR-based training over traditional methods [link] [link]

Better Engagement

With VR, we have the opportunity to not only make the learning experience very realistic and immersive — we can also make it fun.

Immersive Learning

VR can make you feel like you’re in another place – an operating room, ER, clinic, or on the scene of an emergency.  This enhanced sense of presence yields a more effective learning outcome, with the efficiency of not having to physically be in these environments.

Broadband Knowledge Transfer

With the ability to record 3D instruction and presentations in Acadicus, it’s like broadband knowledge transfer from the mind of an expert into the immersive experience of a learner.

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Jon Brouchoud is the founder and CEO at Arch Virtual, developers of the Acadicus VR Training platform. 

Jon leads Arch Virtual’s development team, and his passion is using virtual reality technologies to solve real world problems.  He has over 20 years of experience in professional practice and has won numerous awards and competitions for his work in 3D development for clients including GE Healthcare, Suzuki, NBA Sacramento Kings, ASSP, American Family Insurance, ExxonMobil, Oculus, Facebook and many others. 

Jon holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture, and his work has been featured in the New York Times, Business Week, Architectural Record, and the Chicago Tribune.

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