Huge Update to Acadicus Virtual Training and Education Platform

Join the growing number of schools and businesses already using Acadicus to save time and money on training and education in VR!  Download it today and you’ll be exploring our biggest update ever in a matter of minutes. Acadicus is currently compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and in non-VR viewer mode on a Windows 10 PC.


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Welcome to Acadicus Commons


acadicus commons directory

From our new Commons you can access a variety of environments and simulations. Visit Acadicus in an Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, or in Viewer mode on a PC and begin your experience here!

Tons of New Content to Teach and Train with:

emergency response scene for training in VR

This emergency scene was built in under 15 minutes using our new Cityscape environment with assets from a variety of Acadicus content packs.

virtual people for medical and healthcare training in VR

We’ve introduced a new pack of virtual people that will soon be animated and interactive for use in training scenarios.

We’ve added a series of pediatric animations in the PICU for Dr. Nick Slamon’s critical care demonstrations for added immersion during mock codes.

We’ve laid the groundwork for an exciting new ‘Interactable’ class of content that will soon open a whole new world of possibilities.

We added 2 more bays to the Emergency Room template

anatomy training and education in VR with Oculus Rift

The Anatomy demo is updated and available to explore.

Above is our Rooftop environment (part of the Cityscape scene), staged with a new batch of safety training assets.

vr training for vet school with horse

Visit our new horse, Aegolius!

virtual reality training and education in a residential condo setting

Explore our residential interior environment, including tons of new furniture and decorations Acadicus Pro Space subscribers can use to customize this scene.

The oil rig scene can be configured to suit a wide variety of training scenarios.

Office interior environment.

Updated Operating Room

Free Simulations


avatar describing virtual training for pediatric airway readiness

The Pediatric Airway Readiness and Central Venous Catheter Prep demonstrations by Dr. Nick Slamon from duPont Children’s Hospital are now available for free through October.

Find these simulations by visiting the Acadicus Commons.

🤝  Instructor Partnerships

Sign up to teach, give presentations, or host events in VR with Acadicus. Upon acceptance, you will be given access to a space in Acadicus dedicated to recording and developing content.

Make money creating demonstrations you can sell on the Acadicus Simulation Store!

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🚧   Custom Development


We’ll soon be announcing a variety of exciting projects we’re working on with schools and businesses that have engaged us to create custom content.

By harnessing the power of Acadicus we’re able to quickly deliver virtual educational content at a fraction of the cost of typical VR development, and with far greater flexibility than expensive, one-purpose applications.

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👑  Acadicus Pro Space

Create your own virtual learning experiences with a subscription to Acadicus Pro Space. At just $10,000 per year, Acadicus is one of the most affordable, flexible and easy to use VR education products on the market.

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Or, send us a note (link) if you prefer an invoice, or to inquire about bulk institution discounts or custom content development.

Celebrating 5 Years in Business!


Arch Virtual, the company that created Acadicus celebrates 5 years of professional VR and AR applications this year! Learn more about Arch Virtual here (link).

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