How to Have Effective One-on-Ones with Team Members: VR Coaching by Keith Fuller in Acadicus

In this simulation, Keith Fuller, founder of All About EX, provides a brief VR coaching session about how to have effective one-on-ones with team members. 

Presentation Overview

The 1:1 is a critical tool for every manager but tends to be either weakly employed or completely absent from the toolbox of many leaders. In this 10 minute presentation, Keith will explain why everyone should have 1:1s and how to implement them to great benefit, regardless of the size of your team or company.

Numerous studies have shown substantially increased learning retention by engaging in immersive virtual reality training.  Following along with VR coaching, and learning from experts like Keith within in an immersive environment like Acadicus, is a fun, engaging and highly effective way to improve your leadership and management skills.   

Keith Fuller in an Oculus Rift presenting on 1:1 techniques.

Keith’s VR avatar in Acadicus.

Role playing in VR with Keith Fuller and Jon Brouchoud from Arch Virtual.

About the Instructor

Keith Fuller

Keith Fuller

Founder at All about EX

As founder of All About EX, Keith uses his expertise in people operations to help tech startups craft an amazing employee experience, from development of company values to hiring practices, performance management, and more.