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Your Virtual Sim Lab Has Been Updated

Acadicus Version 0.71.0 (Q1-2022)


New features, patients, equipment, environments, fixes and updates are live!  You will be prompted to update the next time you launch Acadicus.


Virtual Simulation content


New Content

We’ve added a huge batch of new patients, equipment, and environments this quarter, and are adding more dynamically on a regular basis.  You can track updates through our Content Library Index here (link).


New Features


Image Displayer (Asset:Prop)

  • Features
    • Displays an image on a canvas
    • Supports formats png and jpg.
    • Supports image transparency.
    • Option for lighting modes; self-lit and scene-lit.
    • Option for the backface to display or not display.
  • Access
    • Authenticated users may set the image that is displayed.
    • Authenticated users may upload images. Uploaded images are only available to set from within the room they were uploaded. Note that any set image may be viewed on the displayer by anyone from within any room.
    • Admin users can delete uploaded images

acadicus update tutorial graphics

Obi Rope Physics

  • Preview feature
  • Coming soon with props that implement this action


rope physics acadicus

Non-VR Menu Helper (Guests)

  • The menu helper will appear for guests on the first time they enter a room.


helper graphic in acadicus

Prop spawner action

  • Marker
    • 5 colors. Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
    • Eraser
    • Ink well lasts for 5 secs or about 70 points on the line.

VR marker in acadicus

VR hand hover events

  • Coming soon with props that implement this action


New Functionality

  • [Application] Ability to switch between window and full screen modes using alt+enter. Note that while in full screen mode the windows close button is not available and to close the app you may hit the escape key or switch back to windowed mode.
  • [Non-VR menu] Tutorial that displays the help panel and points out important information. This will only appear for guest users.
  • [Props] Support for rope physics.  Look forward to prop’s that implement this feature.
  • [Props] Prop spawner action. Look forward to prop’s that implement this feature.
  • [Props] Image displayer prop. Now you may upload images and have them displayed on this prop.
  • [Props] VR hand hover events.  Look forward to prop’s that implement this feature.
  • [Permissions] Permissions system.  Now we can set permissions for access to specific props and rooms.  Look forward to an expanded set of permissions.


  • [Nodes] Improved trigger collider conformity. Now the accuracy for grabbing node props will be more intuitive.
  • [Prop Creation] Improved setup speed for created props. Now scene loads will be fasters.
  • [App] Full-screen switching is now available. On Windows use alt+enter to switch between modes.


  • [Assets Tool] Asset pack windows contained stale data when refreshed.
  • [Assets Tool] Asset pack progress bar was interactable with the laser.
  • [Assets Tool] Asset pack progress bar wasn’t working for subsequent pack downloads.
  • [Assets Tool] Asset pack acquired flag was not being retained after sorting.

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