Scene Editing Tools

The Scene Editing tools in Acadicus provide full control to update or revise a simulation. Add, delete, or duplicate equipment, patients, or other assets in your scene, then save the configuration to be loaded and used at any time.

Customize Simulations

The Scene Editing tools in Acadicus enable users to easily modify their simulations. They can easily download new content packs, then bring equipment, characters, and other assets into their scene from their Inventory.  

Content Packs

New content packs are being added on a regular basis.  

Asset Placement

Fine-tune positions of assets using our advanced content modification tools.  

Create and Customize 

Instructors can easily update their simulation scenes. 

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Additional Virtual Simulation Content

Virtual Nursing Simulation

A library of virtual nursing simulations, scenarios, environments, characters and equipment are being developed. Access demo simulations for free in Acadicus.

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EMS Content

This virtual medical simulation content pack aligns with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training and education activities.

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ECG Content

This content pack contains everything needed to conduct ECG lead placement training through virtual simulation. Accessible in VR or non-VR.

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Human Muscular System

The human muscular visualization pack is now available for use in Acadicus, in VR or non-VR, for live or recorded lessons.

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Heart Block Visualization

The Heart Block virtual visualization asset includes an interactive 3D model with 4 different blocks, selected from an interactive interface.

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Acadicus comes with a library of characters that can be used to stage a wide variety of simulation scenarios that can be manipulated with Sim Manager.

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Within the environment, characters, equipment and other assets can be added to the scene depending on the scenario.

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Human Anatomy

These 3D virtual anatomy assets and more are available in Acadicus and can be used to create immersive virtual healthcare education experiences.

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Veterinary Anatomy

The Veterinary Anatomy asset pack contains canine, feline and equine (dog, cat and horse) anatomy for virtual remote education.

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