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Mitch Luker

Nursing Simulation Coordinator at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Mitch Luker, Nursing Simulation Coordinator at NWTC, discusses how they’re using virtual simulation to help address critical shortages of clinical sites.  They also describe how they’re substantially reducing simulation costs, expanding access, and improving student engagement to prepare nursing students for the real world.

In this episode, Mitch joins the founder of Acadicus, Jon Brouchoud to discuss a range of topics important to nursing education, such as:

  • Practical tips for setting up a VR lab 
  • Addressing critical nursing shortages and limited clinical placements
  • Using virtual sim to augment traditional sim and clinical experience
  • Comparing the cost of traditional vs. virtual simulation
  • Engaging students with immersive clinical experiences
  • Capabilities of high fidelity VR simulation
  • Diversity – using virtual sim to introduce authentic representation of actual patient populations
  • Realism of virtual sim 
  • Bringing multiple campuses together
  • VR nursing student coaching
  • NCLEX Next Gen scenarios

A text transcript of this episode can be found here:

Presenter Bio

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Mitch Luker has been a nurse since 2004 and began educating the next generation of nurses in 2014. Mitch graduated from Baptist Health School of Nursing with their RN diploma and began working at the bedside, caring for patients. They have also worked as a hospital education coordinator, stroke liaison nurse, nursing supervisor, and nursing faculty. They completed their BSN and MSN at Western Governors University.

Their latest role is that of the Nursing Simulation Coordinator at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC). Most recently, Mitch received their Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE) certification through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in 2022. Mitch is currently working to create a virtual reality/augmented reality lab to be able to integrate VR and AR technologies meaningfully into the nursing curriculum.

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