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Jeffrey Zielinski

inHealth Ambulance Service

Learn how inHealth creates interdisciplinary VR simulations that can bring participants together from multiple remote sites in activities that are otherwise prohibitively expensive, complex or dangerous.

Jeffrey Zielinski takes us on a tour of 3 VR scenes he created, and describes his vision for the future of live VR simulation.

Presenter Bio

Jeffrey ZielinskiJeff Zielinski began his career as an Emergency Medical Technician in 2009 serving patients across the northern Indiana. Jeff explored each facet of his EMS organization starting in the Ambulance as an EMT then as a Field Training Officer. Jeff was deployed to New York during Hurricane Sandy, arriving before the hurricane made it to land, sheltering through the storm then aiding the recovery after the strike.  Shortly thereafter, Jeff began his role as a Patient Advocate for his organization. Helping patients navigate their insurance and benefits while advocating for patients lacking resources and social safety nets.

Through his resource network, Jeff was position to aid the growth of his organization and began his role in Business Development and ultimately promoted to the Director of Business Development. With these skills Jeff accepted the role as Chief Operations Officer at inHealth Integrated Care beginning on day 1 of the new organization who is now proudly 5 years in business. With bases in Northwest Indiana, inHealth aimed to not only provide Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulance service, but also was one of the first in the state of Indiana to begin a Mobile Integrated Health Initiative; providing EMS care in patients homes to prevent unnecessary hospital visits.

inHealth provides disaster relief around the country during hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters and was selected to be deployed to New York during the first wave of COVID-19, when New York was in a State of Emergency with more patients suffering during this time then beds and providers available to serve them. Jeff is focusing on bringing the local medical community closer in the VR space and providing the mechanism for providers across disciplines to work with each other who may have never had previous means to do so.

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