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Content Showcase: Curbside Community

Catherine Mohammed, PhD, MPhil, MN, RN and Dee McGonigle PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF discuss their use of the Curbside Community content pack, sponsored by Adtalem Global Education, and how simulations can be developed that immerse students in the context of various social determinants of health, including factors that extend beyond the walls of medical facilities.

The content pack includes a brand new Environment Setting that you see here, and is useful for creating an unlimited range of simulation scenarios, addressing social determinants of health, EMS scenarios, including multiple casualty incidents and more.

Dr. Dee McGonigle from Adtalem has agreed to join us for a new upcoming episode of the Simulation Pulse where we’ll be talking about this content pack, as well as the first of our exciting new multi-purpose patients.

The Scene Template you see here was created using the new Curbside Community content, as well as patients and assets from other packs. It will available to visit from the Acadicus Commons, and can be imported into your own room.

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