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Multiple Casualty Incident (MCI) VR Simulation

Disasters involving mass casualties are a terrifying reality faced throughout the world today.

Preparing for these events is expensive and complex, requiring a high level of coordination between a wide range of agencies involved.

Live simulation offers measurably effective preparation, but where it’s impractical or infrequent, conducting VR simulations allows participants to be immersed in a psychologically safe environment, without the risk of harming themselves or the victims.

It can be done at a tiny fraction of the cost, helps facilitate inter-disciplinary collaboration, enables participants to join from any location, and allows them to repeat the simulation as many times as needed across multiple agencies.

Here’s a group of students at Amarillo College, facilitated by Dr. Debby Hall, experiencing a multiple casualty scenario in Acadicus, helping ensure they’re better prepared for real-world events.

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