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Stage simulations in a wide variety of realistic settings.

An Acadicus subscription unlocks access to an extensive range of realistic, immersive environments, each designed to cater to the diverse and dynamic needs of simulation training.

These environments are the stage set you can use to create a limitless variety of scenarios.

The Acadicus team can also create custom environments based on photos and other information you provide.  

Stage Your Simulations Anywhere

Work with a variety of environments to create your own scenarios.

Interdisciplinary Training

Simulating different environments allows for interdisciplinary training, where medical professionals can learn to collaborate with other healthcare providers, such as emergency medical services, social workers, and community health workers.
Improved Communication Skills: Diverse environments can help trainees develop communication skills appropriate for different contexts, such as speaking with patients in a home care setting versus a busy emergency room.

Psychological Readiness

Training in an environment that closely mirrors a real-life setting can help healthcare workers become psychologically accustomed to the stresses and pressures associated with different healthcare scenarios.


Practicing in a simulated environment allows healthcare professionals to make mistakes without real-world consequences, leading to safer patient care when they encounter the situation in real life.

Customized Learning

Different environments can be tailored to specific learning objectives or to address particular educational gaps, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Cultural Sensitivity

Exposure to various cultural settings in simulations can improve cultural competence, which is essential for providing respectful and effective care in diverse societies.

Resource Management

Simulations in various environments can teach healthcare professionals to manage resources effectively, especially in settings with limited availability of tools and equipment.

Accessibility and Equity

By offering simulations in a range of environments, education becomes more accessible to learners who may not have the opportunity to experience certain clinical settings in person.

Custom Environments

Our team can replicate any environment based on photos and information you provide.

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