tl;dr: here’s a very simple Value Map and Business Model Canvas exercise as a Google Doc template: (link)

Far from the topic of VR training, I wanted to share a very simple yet incredibly powerful tool I’ve found useful in all of our planning for Arch Virtual and Acadicus alike.  In fact, I’d say this is among the most useful tools I have come to depend on for nearly every decision or initiative I make.

If you’re not already familiar with Business Model Generation, and the Business Model Canvas (available here), you’ll want to start there.  The template won’t be very useful to you unless you read or are already familiar with this, and if you take the time to purchase and read these books, you’ll be very glad you did.  

In any strategic decision or idea, I almost always first validate it these templates.  If I can’t make sounds business sense of it using the Business Model Canvas, I won’t invest time in it.  

Toward this end, I needed a super simple way of integrating this thought trial process into my digital business planning workflow.  I often use Google Docs for early ideation, so I created this template I can simply copy and paste into a Google Doc in order to think through the value proposition and overall business objective of any new idea or decision.  

In my role of leading a VR development company, where quite literally almost anything is possible, I find it particularly important to carefully consider the business case and value proposition for every decision.  I find these templates to be very effective in evaluating and thinking through an idea or strategic decision.

Here’s a link to the template that you can copy and paste to use in your own business: (link).

I realize how simple this might seem, but please trust if you’re not already using Business Model Canvas in your ideation process, you’ll find great value in experimenting with it.

Good luck, and happy planning!

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