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Your Virtual Sim Lab Has Been Updated

Acadicus Version 0.77.0

New features, patients, equipment, environments, fixes and updates are live!  You will be prompted to update the next time you launch Acadicus.


Release Notes


  • We’ve added a huge batch of new content this quarter, and are adding more dynamically on a regular basis.


  • [Labs] A toggle for the solo-mode lab reset. The toggle can be changed in the settings menu within the launcher scene or from the quick access menu while the lab is in solo-mode. The toggle setting persists between sessions of Acadicus.


  • [Application] The command line arguments now have additional parameters including the username, password and server.
  • [Application] The command line arguments now support web based launcher capabilities.
  • [Simulations] The sun rays, that indicate if the sun is active, are now networked and serializable.
  • [Simulations] Filter dropdowns will now hide when clicking the top of the dropdown. In addition filter dropdowns will disappear if there are no longer any scenes with that filter type.
  • [Assets] The Image displayer will now use the “Media Import” local directory for imported images.


  • [Launcher] Various urls were pointing to invalid sites. Now all urls point to
  • [Simulations] Tags will now be carried over when saving a scene that contains tags.
  • [Simulations] The incorrect tab was displayed after importing a simulation scene. Now the private lab tab will display after importing.
  • [Avatars] When loading a scene sometimes the Avatar’s were being placed on top of each other.
  • [Player Log] Reduction in the amount of and size of specific debug logs to improve performance.

Acadicus update graphic

Acadicus update graphic

Acadicus update graphic

Acadicus update graphic

Acadicus update graphic

Acadicus update graphic

Acadicus update graphic

Acadicus update graphic


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