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Your Virtual Sim Lab Has Been Updated

Acadicus Version 0.76.0

New features, patients, equipment, environments, fixes and updates are live!  You will be prompted to update the next time you launch Acadicus.


Release Notes


  • We’ve added a huge batch of new content this quarter, and are adding more dynamically on a regular basis.


  • [Labs] The ability to switch lab instancing modes can now be locked out and only accessible by global admins for specific labs.
  • [Scenes] Scene files, now called simulations, can be filtered by tag.
  • [Sim Manager] Feature to allow locking of sim manager objects. Locking sorts the object to the top of the list.


  • [Scenes] Renamed to Simulations. The simulation library tabs are labeled “Lab ID” and “Shared Library”. The lab id simulations are stored in that private lab. The shared library of simulations is accessible to every lab.
  • [Scenes] The import tab will now only be available to authenticated users.
  • [Scenes] The tool is now available in learner mode in VR.
  • [Holocron] Look of the 3D button has been changed to include a highlight around the rounded edges.[Teleport] The invalid laser visual will now appear with the full arc, but colored red to indicate that the current target is not a valid target for teleportation.


  • [Node/Socket] Socket outlines were remaining active when a node was simultaneously entering multiple sockets at the same time.
  • [Starting Position] The avatar’s position was erroneously being placed at the starting position.
  • [VR Input Context] Learner mode and edit mode input context now cannot be erroneously changed by other tools while in learner mode. Now the learner/edit mode contexts are separate from the tool contexts.


  • [Assets] Refactored creation logic for prop assets to improve load times and memory usage.
  • [VR Menu] Removed unused objects. The result will reduce the amount of system memory used and increase performance for transform translations.


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