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Your Virtual Sim Lab Has Been Updated

Acadicus Version 0.74.2


New features, patients, equipment, environments, fixes and updates are live!  You will be prompted to update the next time you launch Acadicus.


Virtual Simulation content

Release Notes


  • We’ve added a huge batch of new content this quarter, and are adding more dynamically on a regular basis.


  • [Laser Pointer] The active state of the laser pointer will now persist through lab transitions.
  • [Launcher] The user profile will now appear in the top right corner of the launcher after a successful login. The user’s profile name, image and id (email) will be displayed here.
  • [Launcher] There is now an option to remember the login credentials for the next session using Acadicus.
  • [Orientation] A VR tutorial for using Acadicus is coming soon. The launcher and lab switching holocron have a new button to access this tutorial. The tutorial button is currently inactive until the final release is coming soon.
  • [User Profile] User’s now login using a user id. The username, that is displayed above the avatar, is now able to be updated.


  • [Application] Rebranding of the term “room” to now say “lab”.
  • [Application] Acadicus will now start in non-VR mode.  This change will avoid the annoyance of having to load VR software when starting Acadicus, especially when the user is intending to use non-VR mode.  VR can be activated by selecting VR mode in the first selection when starting Acadicus.
  • [Avatar] VR user’s profile image will now modulate with the user’s voice.
  • [Holocron] Improved the text UI quality for the scene loading and scene recording holocrons.
  • [Laser Pointer] The networked laser has been disabled. Any previous scene recordings with the laser will not be affected by this change.
  • [Laser Pointer] The local laser now appears white as well as the cursor.
  • [Laser Pointer] The secondary cursor will now appear over prop assets and the asset gizmo while in edit mode.
  • [User Profile] User’s profile image is now only displayed post-login and can be updated. This change ensures the profile image only appears for the logged in user.


  • [Avatar] NonVR user’s camera will no longer clip through objects when getting extremely close to the objects.
  • [Image / Video Displayer] The pagination for browsing the image and video files was taking an extended amount of time to load.
  • [Laser Pointer] The laser pointer sorting layer was not applied correctly which caused some UI elements to overlay over the laser.


  • [Laser Pointer] The settings have been changed for the visual laser that will enhance performance.


Laser Update: Cursor and Laser visuals.

Laser secondary cursor for assets and gizmo.

Remember me option for login.

Application starts in NonVR with option to load VR mode.

Tutorial on the front page for Acadicus.

User profile options. Change the display name!

Avatar: Non VR camera clipping when very close to objects.

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