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Your Virtual Sim Lab Has Been Updated

Acadicus Version 0.73.0


New features, patients, equipment, environments, fixes and updates are live!  You will be prompted to update the next time you launch Acadicus.


Virtual Simulation content

Release Notes


  • We’ve added a huge batch of new content this quarter, and are adding more dynamically on a regular basis.


  • [UI] Support for Text Mesh Pro


  • [Server] Improved shorter login times.


  • [Assets] Scene assets’ downloaded via packs were breaking when attempting to download in another room in the same online session.
  • [Recorder] Screenshot folder wasn’t dynamically updating based on the application name.
  • [Gizmo] Networked Assets were not being taken control of upon the initial grab of the gizmo.
  • [Assets] The Assets’ database was not being cleared when clearing the Assets’ cache.


  • [Assets] Addressed inefficiencies while creating objects that will be used as Assets.
  • [Application] Reduced the async upload time slice from 4 ms to 1 ms.
  • [Input] Reduced the radius of the physics sphere cast for learner grabbable.  This will reduce the number of objects discovered that would be processed each frame.
  • [Scenes] Avatars will now be muted while they are within the loading sphere. This will free up processing time for the loading processes.

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