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A Wireless Valve Index Incoming?

While the Valve Index has only been out for about a year, it has quickly become a lacking option when compared to tetherless experiences, such as the Oculus Quest. During the launch party, Valve President Gabe Newell made a comment about the idea of a wireless Valve Index sometime in the future. It would seem Valve has not forgotten about this concept, and they are continuing to explore options.

Here at Acadicus, we are paying close attention to developments such as these. A wireless VR headset powered by a PC means the best of both worlds. A tetherless experience with the high-end graphics capability of a PC will allow learners to freely explore a larger virtual environment, without the need to teleport. This will be a huge improvement for enterprise and education training quality. 

Acadicus is currently compatible with Oculus Rift and PC-enabled Quest, but expanded compatibility remains high on our roadmap priority list. We are excited about developments such as wireless compatibility with the Valve Index, and look forward to diversifying our hardware compatibility in the future.


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