OpenRN Nursing Scenarios

These free nursing scenarios and virtual reality experiences are being created as part of the OpenRN™ project, funded by a $2.5 million dollar grant from the Department of Education, and designed to compliment 5 OER Nursing Textbooks.

Each simulation can be visited freely through the Acadicus Commons, and Scene Templates are available for modification using the Scene Editing tools to create an unlimited range of additional scenarios.

Administering Medications to a Patient With Dementia

OpenRN geriatric dementia virtual simulation

Entry-level, first semester nursing students can apply content learned from the OER OpenRN textbooks as they provide care to an elderly patient with dementia in a long-term care center.

In a long-term care room, students must obtain vitals and appropriately administer cardiac medications with different patient conditions.

Course Alignment: Pharmacology – Cardiac Meds; Skills – Administer Medications; Fundamentals – Communication and Cognitive and Sensory Deficits.

Nitroglycerin Administration

OpenRN CHV Virtual Nursing Simulation

This case presents the students with a resident admitted to a Long-Term Care (LTC) setting the day before.  The resident will need his morning medications at the same time he is complaining of chest pressure.  The students are expected to perform an assessment related to his complaints of chest pressure and medication administration of Nitroglycerin (patch and/or sublingual).


Heart Failure Level 1

OpenRN CHV Virtual Nursing Simulation

Student assesses patient with symptoms and signs of chronic heart failure while communicating therapeutically. Unexpected findings are communicated to the provider and new orders received.


Caring for a Pediatric Patient Experiencing Pain

Pediatric Pain VR Nursing Simulation by OpenRN

Learning Objectives:

  • Interpret vital signs for a pediatric patient
  • Perform an appropriate pain assessment for a pediatric patient
  • Safely administer analgesics to a pediatric patient using accurate math calculations
  • Tailor therapeutic communication for a pediatric patient
  • Encourage non-pharmacological pain interventions

Addressing Safety Hazards

OpenRN Hazard Identification Nursing Simulation

Learning Objectives: Identify common safety hazards in a patient care environment.
Communicate therapeutically with clients regarding safety concerns.

Collaborators and Contributors

The OpenRN project is led by Chippewa Valley Technical College, and the textbooks are being collaboratively written with faculty from Wisconsin technical colleges. The books will be reviewed by statewide nursing faculty, deans, healthcare alliance members, and other industry representatives to ensure the content is current and accurate.

The OER Nursing textbooks are written based on the State Nursing curriculum established by the Wisconsin Technical College System, and include: Pharmacology, Skills, Nursing Fundamentals, Mental Health & Community Concepts, and Management & Professional Concepts.


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