Acadicus (Free Download)


Welcome to Acadicus, 

a virtual world for training, collaboration and education that includes everything needed to create simulations, presentations, multi-user meetings and demonstrations.


A Library of VR Simulations

Access a library of pre-built scenes and simulations using 4 digit passcodes.


Create Your Own Simulations:

Acadicus comes with environments, equipment and people that can be used to create simulations.  More environments will be added over time.


Record 3D Instruction:  

Instructors and subject matter experts can capture immersive 3D recordings of their demonstrations and lectures.  The 3D recording captures all of their hand and head motions, voice communications, and the movements of everything they interact with.


Hold Multi-User Events:

Multiple users can access Simulations simultaneously, communicating with voice and interacting with assets in realtime using Acadicus Viewer.  Multiple admin users can also work together to create Simulations.


Free public sims to explore.

Free download.  No credit card required.  

Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Acadicus Pro Space!


Get Started with Acadicus

Acadicus is a free app that allows users to access and explore Simulations.  It can be accessed in VR with an Oculus Rift, or in non-VR mode with a Windows PC. 

Compatibility: Acadicus is a free application for Oculus Rift and non-VR PC.  Minimum PC specifications for VR are equivalent to Oculus’ recommended specifications found here: (lilnk)  Note: Non-VR Windows PC mode will work on lesser specifications, but are not yet thoroughly tested.

Sims: Inside a Sim, users can navigate the scene, play recordings, and interact with assets.  Sims are accessed via passcode.  If the Sim has multi-user feature enable, users can interact with others using voice communication and interact with assets together.

Online Application: Acadicus requires a broadband internet connection, and can be accessed with an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers or in non-VR mode on a PC that meets Oculus’ recommended requirements (more info).    

Availability: Acadicus is currently available to the United States and Canada.  If you are outside of this region, please contact us to inquire about special access. 

This video will help guide you through how to download and open Acadicus: (link)