Private Sims

Get your own Sim to create and share simulations.  Unlock all of the creation tools, record presentations and host multi-user events.  Each Sim has it’s own passcode address you can share with others to join you using the free Acadicus application.  

Create 3D recordings of demonstrations, and optionally invite multiple people to join your Sim simultaneously using them multi-user feature.  Simulations can be used in your classroom, or published to our Simulation Library where you can monetize your simulations by sharing revenue from sales.  

Private Sim Spaces are a $10,000 per year subscription.  Contact us for discounted individual licensing. 


Acadicus comes with several basic environments that can be used to create simulations, including an operating room, a lobby, an animated operating room and a Simulation Hall.   More environments will be made available over time.

  ambulance and paramedic training in virtual reality VR safety training withi ambulance in VR  

Equipment and Devices

An inventory of hundreds of different pieces of equipment and devices come with Acadicus.  More content packs of assets will be made available for download over time.

medical VR sim lab devices and equipment healthcare VR training devices and equipment medical and healthcare training in VR mannequin and virtual patients in VR training Sterile pack for healthcare training in VR

3D Recording Feature

The 3D recording feature enables instructors and subject matter experts to easily capture immersive 3D recordings of their demonstrations and instruction.  The 3D recording captures all of their hand and head motions, voice communications, and the movements of everything they interact with.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive medical and healthcare training 3D recording in VR instructor SME multiplayer oculus rift VR training for medical students VR sim lab subject matter expert SME recording


Multiple users can access Simulations simultaneously, communicating with voice and interacting with assets in realtime using Acadicus Viewer.  Multiple admin users can also work together to create Simulations. VR medical sim lab student training and learning simulation Medical student multiplayer Oculus Rift med sim training Multiplayer VR learning in operating room Operating room sim lab VR training for medical   Sim Lab in VR moulage wound training

Scene Save / Load

Once a scene has been created, it can be saved and shared with other users.

Passcode Access

Each private Sim comes with a passcode that enables anyone to access your Simulation using the Acadicus application.  Each Subscription enables you to have 1 Simulation active at a time.

Monetize Your Simulations

Once you’ve created a Simulation, you can optionally apply to have it available as a free download or via paid subscription within the Acadicus Library, providing a potential income stream from sales of your Simulations.  Contact us to learn more about terms, conditions and revenue sharing options.