Looking Ahead to Exponential Adoption for VR Training and Education


Posted by Jon Brouchoud, CEO at Arch Virtual, developers of Acadicus



A recent post on ‘Road to VR,’ conveys January 2020 data released from Valve’s Steam Survey, which suggests a large leap in VR adoption following the 2019 holiday season.  When projected against an exponential curve, this data follows a trend of exponential growth as indicated by the red line in the graph on the right.  VR is here to stay.  

While VR in training and education has been growing rapidly, it tends to lag slightly behind consumer adoption in our estimation.  This leads me to predict rapid growth in these markets in 2020, approaching exponential acceleration in 2021 and beyond.  

Graphic credit to Road to VR


At the very least, this would align with the industry pulse we’re sensing in terms of the quantity and quality of inquiries we’re receiving for custom development and Acadicus implementations.

In Geofrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm,” he describes ‘technology enthusiasts’ as the first to adopt new technologies.  They seek the hottest new tech before everyone else, and are willing to patiently work through bugs and early releases.  In my estimation, this characterizes the majority of inquiries and implementations for VR training and education to date, and will likely continue to into 2020.    

However, toward the end of 2019 and entering into 2020, I’ve noticed more interest from what I would characterize as visionaries, whom Moore would describe as those seeking to adopt new technology because they are interested in achieving some strategic competitive advantage.  They see the opportunity to harness new technology to achieve a breakthrough, and are interested in the reduction of time, cost and complexity they can achieve by integrating Acadicus into their curriculum. 

I don’t believe we’ll see what Moore would describe as an ‘early market’ or ‘mainstream market’ emerge in this space until 2021 and beyond. 

This leaves a wide open door for visionaries to realize exponential returns on their investments in VR.  As exciting as it is efficacious, harnessing virtual technologies brings the potential to revolutionize training and education.   While it requires a unique and somewhat rare set of conditions for a visionary institution to take a position of leadership in VR training and education, those who manage to navigate these waters can expect the greatest returns on their investments as VR adoption reaches the coming inflection point toward rapid, accelerated growth. 

It’s still a frontier, but it won’t be for long.  Are you a visionary?


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Jon Brouchoud is the founder and CEO at Arch Virtual, developers of the Acadicus VR Training platform. 

Jon leads Arch Virtual’s development team, and his passion is using virtual reality technologies to solve real world problems.  He has over 20 years of experience in professional practice and has won numerous awards and competitions for his work in 3D development for clients including GE Healthcare, Suzuki, NBA Sacramento Kings, ASSP, American Family Insurance, ExxonMobil, Oculus, Facebook and many others. 

Jon holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture, and his work has been featured in the New York Times, Business Week, Architectural Record, and the Chicago Tribune.

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